HCSC is Big Time: eBay Scandal

HCSC Ebay Screenshot

HCSC is Big Time.  (a Sticky Ebay Scandal)
High Cascade Snowboard Camp would like to announce a recent discovery that now confirms that it is officially "big time".  The news came inadvertently through a random Facebook post on the evening of September 21, 2010 that an Ebay seller by the name of "thedivinewoo" is selling knock-off stickers of the High Cascade Marshmallow.  Notable Fact: when someone illegally reproduces and sells your logo: you're big time.

Upon investigation of this allegation the HCSC office team discovered that that "thedivinewoo" is selling what he(?) claims to be "quality vinyl stickers that measure approximately 5.5″x 5.5″."  Furthermore the seller claims "you can put this self-adhesive sticker on your car window or anywhere else that it will stick!".  Interesting…

Other illegal stickers sold by "thedivinewoo" include Coco Channel No 5, Burton,  Nike, Barbie and Playboy.  "The fact that "thedivinewoo" has decided to include us in this illegal sticker trafficking business is both flattering and validating" says Preston Strout, HCSC Camp Director, "although this is proof that we are now as big time as Burton and Playboy, we are still asking that he cease and desist this dishonest activity".

Only time will tell if "thedivinewoo" ceases this heinous crime against humanity.  In the meantime, HCSC holds it's head high… knowing that they are big time.

Generic Press Release Bold Claim: 100% snowboarding since 1989, HCSC is the world's only summer snowboard camp that isn't part freeski camp.  With two private parks and two private rope tows, HCSC provides snowboarders a 9 and over, of all abilities, genders and geographic upbringings a chance to snowboard from June – August on real snow with professional coaches and all the marshmallows you can handle. For more information visit highcascade.com (on the Internet).