Help Kickstart Shaun Palmer “The Miserable Champion” Movie

Shaun Palmer

Help Kickstart Shaun Palmer "The Miserable Champion" Movie and take part in one of the Greatest Action Sports Biographies

[North Lake Tahoe, CA] March 5th, 2012Chainsaw Productions is looking for support to get Shaun Palmer “The Miserable Champion” movie out to the masses. The film is currently finished with some final production, music and stock footage issues to be completed. Please support this film, so we can generate enough funds to cover the final production costs. We feel this is a story that must be watched to fully understand the accomplishments that have taken place over the lifetime of Shaun’s life. Chainsaw Thanks all of the people past, present and beyond that have helped this film become a reality from support and goodwill. Special Thanks goes to Contour for the POV Cameras for this Kickstarter Fund Raiser. $10,000 is the bare minimum; our goal is $20,000, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

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The Miserable Champion is a real portrait of one of the most notorious athletes of all-time, action sports hero Shaun Palmer. This tell-all movie reveals Shaun from birth to the near fatal overdose to his comeback to make the 2006 Olympic Team. Shaun Palmer – The Miserable Champion is an intense look at Shaun’s ups and downs, background of growing up with no father figure, evolution from rags to riches. Shaun’s story is like no other athlete’s in history. He has been at the top of Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Skiing and Motocross. USA Today asks the question "Is This The World’s Greatest Athlete?"


Shaun Palmer “The Miserable Champion”

X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival 2012 “Best Biography”

X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival 2012 “Athlete of the Year”

Shaun Palmer

7 Sports, 5 Times World Champion, 6 X-Games Gold, 38 Elite Victories, 117 Tour Podiums

ESPY 2006 “Action Sports Athlete of the Year”

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Chainsaw productions was formed in 2001 in Lake Tahoe Ca to produce ski movies. Over the years Chainsaw has expanded to television and HD media. Chainsaw Productions has produced many significant projects over the years, THE PEOPLE VS BRAD HOLMES, STARS SKIS AND HUCKS, THE STANDARD SNOWBOARD SHOW on FUEL TV and “SHAUN PALMER” THE MISERABLE CHAMPION.