March 6-7th, pro team rider Patrick McCarthy and Northwest Northwave rep Ryan Garvie participated in "Hope on the Slopes" at Stevens Pass, WA. This was a 24-hour ski and snowboard event to help raise money for American Cancer Society. Starting at 9am on Saturday the event runs through the night and ends at 9am on Sunday. This year the event doubled in participants from last year and raised over $180,000.
Hope on the Slopes"Team Rowdy" consisted of 15 members who participated, which was the max number each team could have. Although the event was mostly to raise money and for Cancer Awareness, teams could challenge themselves further to see who could get the most vertical feet in a 24hr period or raise the most money. Garvie, who was the team captain said, "We shredded our hearts out and at the end of the day the event raised $180K for cancer research. Our team didn't raise the most, but we had the most fun".
This was the 2nd year for the team to participate, but the first year for McCarthy to be on Team Rowdy. After riding for 24hrs he said, "It was a spiritual experience to put your body through a 24 snowboard rally." He definitely intends on participating again next year on Garvie's team and help raise Cancer Awareness through snowboarding.
To donate to the American Cancer Society under Team Rowdy please go to: