Humanity Snowboards is pleased to announce the latest development out of The Factory. The new Pomona is a snowboard designed to be the ultimate jib/park riding experience. It uses a reverse camber called the Jib-Rocker and a new side cut development called the C6.  It's a mid-wide, true twin, soft flex with bamboo sidewalls and sintered base. It comes in a 155, 153, 150, and a 147. You won't find these kinds of features on another board for 389$. This board will take your riding to a whole new level.


The Jib-Rocker starts with a 16 cm flat spot between your feet. This flat spot is just wide enough to help you lock in to a rail and gives you stability in traditional riding conditions. From the flat spot out to the tips there is a gentle arc reaching a total height of 1 cm at the primary contact points. This version of reverse camber gives a loose, playful feel but you can still lock into a rail.


C6 Side Cut

The C6 Side cut is the latest technology from Humanity Snowboards and is designed to work with the Jib-Rocker.  It uses arcs strategically placed to give the edge multiple contact points. The 2 primary contacts are where the effective edges is on all boards, then there are 2 secondary contacts placed just in front of your feet and 2 more placed just in front of the Jib-Rocker flat spot.  If you were counting, that's a total of 6 contacts points on your edge hence the term C6.


About Humanity
Humanity Snowboards is a brand, factory, and riders, building the sickest boards. You can watch videos, buy the board, and read more at www.