I AM SNOWBOARDING art exhibit makes it’s 3rd stop this Friday, Jan 8th in Portland, OR. Hosted by photographer/artist Trevor Graves and the NEMO Gallery.


“One of the most original events in snowboarding and art is coming to Portland. I AM SNOWBOARDING, a collaborative art project in honor of Jeff Anderson, opens at the NEMO gallery (1875 SE Belmont), on Friday, January 8. The opening party is slated from 6-10pm and will feature collaborative art pieces from snowboard photographers and artists, music from Kandi Coded and DJ Joelskool, raffles from the sponsors (Volcom, Vans, Burton, Electric, Lib Tech, Exit Real World, etc.) and if that wasn’t enough, Terry Kidwell will be on hand showing off some of his original snowboards soon to be put up for auction.” – http://www.frqncy.com/

I AM SNOWBOARDING, as seen on FUEL TV and San Francisco Channel 2 News, is a collection of 23 art pieces brought to life from 44 photographers and artists. Portland is the third stop of the art tour and home to contributing photographers Trevor Graves, Tim Zimmerman, and neighbor to NW artists Adam Haynes (Bend), Jamie Lynn (Seattle), Nick Russian (Port Angeles), Chris Owen and Tyler Lepore (Vancouver).

The Jan 8th reception at NEMO is going to kick some serious butt. Art you’ll talk about for years to come, drinks, no-joke raffle prizes, and a set from Kandi Coded – Jamie Lynn, Jack Endino, Sam MacDonald and Johnny Graziadei’s Seattle Rock band who are on the brink of releasing their new album “Fell For The Gift” and launching the Volcom Blizzard Bizarre Tour Jan 27th. Visit www.kandicoded.com and download the new single “Hurt till it Bleeds” for FREE.

I AM SNOWBOARDING will be on display at NEMO until the end of January to peruse at your leisure. From NEMO the exhibit moves on to Denver, Aspen, and Tokyo, before heading back to Lake Tahoe and Mammoth. For more information and to buy prints to benefit the Jeff L. Anderson Memorial Fund and The Brothers Skate Park, visit iamjla.org .

I AM SNOWBOARDING/ iamJLA.org – Proudly supported by Volcom, Burton, Vans, Asymbol, and countless friends around the globe.

Jeffrey Lin Anderson was a professional snowboarder for ten of the twenty-three years that he lived his amazing life. In that time he touched thousands of lives around the world in the snowboarding, skateboarding, and everydayjoe communities. And through the love of his friends and the power of art, he continues to do so today.

In honor of what would have been Jeff's 30th birthday, and to raise money for the JLA Memorial Fund, a group of 44 world-renowned photographers and artists, friends of Jeff and of snowboarding have come together to create an unparalleled body of work – each a photo of Jeff, captured by someone who knew him well, enlarged onto canvas upon which a separate artist painted or used any medium to create a unique collaborative work. The resulting pieces are one of a kind, the partnerships formed in this project a tribute to the depth of the snowboarding, skateboarding and art communities. Artists: Jamie Lynn, Mike Parillo, Mark Gonzales, Danny Zapalac, Bryan Iguchi, Adam Haynes, Trevor Graves, Shem Roose, Scott Lenhardt, Jeff Curtes, Nick Russian, Blotto, Shane Charlebois, RYNo, Ben Brough, Ryan Boyes, Tim Zimmerman, Stormriders, Kevin Zacher, Ethan Anderson, Michael Jager, Jared Eberhardt, Billy Anderson, Devon Weniger, Cheyenne Ellis, Matty Thompson, Jamie Heinrich, Chris Brunkhardt, Matt Donahue, Jane Baer, Stan Evans, Robert “Sticky” Shaw, Chris Owen, Tyler Lepore, Patrice Miller, Dustin del Giudice, Todd Hazeltine, 2jaws, MMSA, Jamie Mosberg, Jojo Whitmarsh, Neil Buttermore, Carl Smith.

The exhibit first opened in Mammoth Lakes,CA – (click here for FUEL TV’s Mammoth coverage) then traveled to San Francisco, CA – (click here for SF KTVU Channel 2 news coverage) Portland marks the third stop, then Denver, Aspen, Tokyo, Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Lakes.

Prints of each piece are available for purchase through iamJLA.org with all proceeds directly benefiting the JLA Memorial Fund.

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