Italian Ski/Snowboard Helmet Revolutionizing US Market with New Design

PR - OsbeHelmet

Through continued design and innovation, Osbe has had great success bringing goggle-free skiing to the US. For the 2013 season, Osbe USA introduced the “Majic,” which is the ONLY ski and snowboard helmet on the market that includes a visor that folds away inside the helmet. While the Majic provides superior safety and technology, the helmet is also beautifully designed with sleek lines and metallic detailing along the visor.

About Osbe USA: Osbe is a ski and snowboard helmet company and a heritage brand, founded over 30 years ago in Milan, Italy. Osbe quickly became a leading manufacturer of communication systems for helmets and the company grew organically to include a line of luxury ski/snowboard helmets. Two brothers and avid skiers, Gerry and Gregg Alessi, fell in love with Osbe’s sleek design and unparalleled technology. In 2011, they decided to bring the brand to the states and “Osbe USA” became the North American distributor of Osbe ski and snowboard helmets.

Osbe USA helmets are all multi-impact EN1077 certified and include 400 UV protected rose lens with external flash for unparalleled peripheral vision.  All helmets are equipped with bluetooth communication for listening to music and speaking on the phone. Most models include an integrated, interchangeable visor. The helmets also feature a DAF (direct air flux) ventilation system.