July 30, 2012

After years of service in support of movies such as FuGnar, The Shred Remains and Amageddon, the Most Travelled Van in snowboarding (aka MTV, aka Rome van) is going to find a new home this coming year.  While the Rome van has a long and respected tradition of being parked in Vermont during the off season, the Rome SDS has made an official surprise announcement that it will be moving the MTV (the Rome van) to a yet-to-be-named parking lot in Vail, Colorado.

“While we know people love the Rome van being in Vermont, it seems that some people have lost interest in the van being parked here.   That’s why we decided to shake things up and move it to a yet-to-be-named spot in Vail, Colorado," said Michael Hunt, Director of PR at Rome Snowboards.  "100 percent of people at Rome support the move, except for the company's two founders and the gardener," Hunt concludes.

As the van has not run since its recent service in support of Amageddon, it’s rumored the historic van will have to be towed all the way to Vail.  Rome, however, sees this as a valid investment.

"The Rome van is my favorite van in snowboarding by far, and I couldn't be more excited about its next evolution.  Through the MTV, Rome has done so much to support the progression of snowboard film-making," says Viktor Simco, a Van Life heavyweight. "I trust the heads in PR and brand management at Rome that they are deciding to park it in Vail to further progress low-budget snowboard film making," uttered Simco, while Rome’s Michael Hunt looked on nodding slowly.

"I couldn't be more hella stoked on this," added two-time Van Life member Riley Nickerson, after meeting with Mr. Hunt. "Ever since I got hooked on Van Life, the Rome van has always been the "high" point of my season, and knowing what Rome and Vail have in store to take this van to the next level makes me so excited to visit it in Vail this winter."

Apart from the Vail Chamber of Commerce who welcomes the move for its potential to draw snowboard tourists, Vail seems to have some mixed feelings on the move as stated by one area businessman who wants to remain anonymous.  “It’s not like we asked them to bring that thing here and we already have a lot of broken-down vans in our lots deposited by hippies with dogs," he said.  "I guess it’s not a big deal, but there’s really not that much parking as it is for our typical over-sized SUVs."

It also seems fairly unanimous that the small Vermont town which currently houses the Rome van, will be sad to see it go.

“We really don’t understand why they want to move the MTV.  We’re a community that’s supported that van for years!  This will mean hundred of dollars in lost revenue for the town in terms of food, lodging and general tourism that came from worldwide travelers who came to view the team rider graffiti inside the van," states one purveyor of Vermont's #1 cash crop.

Rumor has it that dependent upon the success of the move, other things may also be moving to Vail Colorado, including Germany’s famous Oktoberfest.

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