K2 High Cascade Harshmellow

K2 Snowboarding Introduces HARSHMELLOW's Newest Relationship… The New HARSHMELLOW Foam Pit at HCSC – let the kids learn!

Seattle, Wash. (July 13, 2010) – Since the beginning of summer, the HCSC Marshmallow and K2 Snowboarding's HARSHMELLOW vibration force field, have been secretly sneaking off on late night moon lit walks around Government Camp. The romance started as just another summer fling at HCSC but has evolved into a full on relationship and is currently what the kids are calling, Facebook official. K2 Snowboarding, in collaboration with High Cascade Snowboard Camp bring you the new HARSHMELLOW Foam Pit.

K2 High Cascade Harshmellow 2

HARSHMELLOW: What is it?
HARSHMELLOW is an industry first magical dampening system, replacing industry standard foam dampening materials. Independently, HARSHMELLOW dampens the specific target vibration for each product and works together as an integrated board, boot, and binding system designed to create the smoothest ride imaginable.

"High Cascade is our favorite place to go for fun in the summer. K2 likes to have fun and likes to make products like Harshmellow that allows others to have more fun,.So obviously working with HCSC to create a pit of fun with Harshmellow blocks made perfect sense," said K2 Snowboarding's Marketing and International Team Manager, Kevin Winkel.

Located just behind the HCSC demo center in Government Camp the pit will provide campers the option of either launching off skate ramps or simply jumping off trampolines into the foam.

"Learning new tricks just got a whole lot easier. Teaming up with K2 to provide camper's with a Harshmellow Foam Pit, has been the best addition to camp since the kitchen started slicing our bread, said Preston Strout, Camp Director and Co-Owner of HCSC."

In addition to the HARSHMELLOW foam pit, K2 is also happy to have numerous boards, boots, and bindings featuring the Harshmellow dampening system in stock at the High Cascade Demo room along with two K2 sponsored houses for campers to enjoy.

About K2 Snowboarding:
Born in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, K2 Snowboarding was raised in the backcountry of Mt. Baker. From the beginning, our goal was to create original concepts and technology that drives snowboarding forward. Today we continue to innovate and progress the sport from the backcountry to the parks…and everything in between. For more information visit www.k2snowboarding.com.

About HCSC:
100% snowboarding since 1989, High Cascade is the world's only summer snowboard camp that isn't part freeski camp. With two private parks and two private rope tows, HCSC provides snowboarders age 9 and over, of all abilities, genders and geographic upbringings a chance to snowboard from June – August on real snow with professional coaches and all the marshmallows you can handle. For more information, or to register for camp visit www.highcascade.com (on the Internet).