SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (November 20, 2010) With resorts around the country firing up their
chairs and Christmas right around the corner winter is officially off and running. In the spirit of the
season, K2 Snowboarding is giving all you crazy snowboard rats out there the chance to win
some fresh new gifts from K2.

It's called a scavenger hunt; we've all done them but now rather than going door to door in search
of paper clips and dead flies, you get to chill at home and cruise around the K2 Snowboarding
website in hopes of winning a new board, K2 gift pack or bindings.

It's simple, here's how it works: Follow this link http://k2snowboarding.com/blog/ to access the
scavenger hunt questions. Do your best to answer all the questions correctly and email your
answers to info@k2snowboarding.com. The first one to respond with all correct answers will win
a 2010/2011 K2 Snowboard. But we're not stopping there; in an effort to include all those stuck in
school or a 9-5 job we are also hooking up the 20th and 50th place entries that get at least 5 of the
8 answers correct. Number 20 will receive a K2 backcountry pack filled with a hoodie, tee,
beanie, sunglasses, team DVD and sticker pack. Number 50 will receive a brand spanking new
pair of K2 bindings.

You may only win once and winners will be replied to via email and Facebook so be sure to
subscribe to the K2 Snowboarding Facebook http://www.facebook.com/k2snowboarding and the
K2 Alliance pages http://www.facebook.com/k2snowboarding#!/K2Alliance during the scavenger
hunt. The contest will officially end on December 17, 2010 just in time for you lucky winners to
receive your Christmas present from K2 Snowboarding. Scavenge hard and scavenge well my

About K2 Snowboarding: friends!

Born in the U.S. Pacific Northwest in the shadows of the Cascade Mountains, K2 Snowboarding
was raised in the backcountry of Baker. From the beginning, our goal has been to create original
concepts and technology that drives snowboarding forward. Today we continue to innovate and
progress the sport from the backcountry to the parks...and everything in between. For more
information visit www.k2snowboarding.com.