After grueling months of surgery, physical therapy and training, Kimmy Fasani has not only been cleared to ride this winter, but accomplished her first triathlon this past Sunday.  Finishing first in her age group and fourth among women at the Lifetime Tri Oceanside, Kimmy blew past expectations and beyond her injury.  Here’s to a great season ahead!

PR - KimmyRoadtoRecovery - Oct13
Below are Kimmy’s answers to a few questions regarding accomplishing the Lifetime Tri and her recovery:
How has this race motivated you going forward? 
Doing this race was a huge confidence builder because as I prepared for this triathlon, I kept thinking- “If I can do this triathlon, I will be strong enough to get back on snow.” Three weeks prior to the race my doctor gave me 100% clearance to get back on my snowboard as soon as the season starts in Mammoth Lakes, CA, so this race was just the icing on the cake. This event really helped me realize how much hard-work I have put into my recovery and now, after 10 and a half months of rehab I am mentally and physically ready to be back on snow.
What was the hardest part of the tri?
The most challenging part of the triathlon was the run. I had not spent much time running prior to the event because I wanted to stay away from all the impact on my joint.
Did you expect to finish so well?
I had no intention to do this well. I just wanted to finish the race and check this goal off my list. However, as soon as I started the swim I knew it was going to be a great day because I kept catching myself smiling underwater, between breaths, and that happiness stayed with me during the whole event. I am so grateful to be at this point of my recovery and I am thrilled with how the event went.
How did the race prepare you for this winter? 
This race has helped my body and mind get strong for the season. I made this goal right when I got hurt, so my entire recovery I have had a big goal to work towards. This event helped me see how powerful my mind is and also helped me break down my nerves about getting back on snow. Now that I have accomplished this triathlon, I have no doubt I will be stronger than ever when I get back on my snowboard.
Any other thoughts or encouragements for others recovering from injury?
My best advice when coming back from an injury is to set goals, no matter how small. Goals gave me hope and helped me  work towards the big picture of being healthy again. Also, stay positive, don’t doubt yourself, and take it one day at a time.