PR - LibTechTubeCity - Feb16

This Saturday Feb 13th Lib Tech’s Ethics and Elections Committee invites you to be a part of history and elect a new mayor of Tube City! We took almost a mile of green slippery large diameter round lift tower tubing and carefully configured it to achieve a harmonious balance of maximum tech, fun and flow. This freestyle gentrification project is turning the “jibby” side of Snoqualmie in to a trendy upscale amusement park for everyone from the family man to the upper echelon pro ripper to enjoy. This fledgling democratic community needs a leader and we intend on finding a Mayor this Saturday at the kick off party / session / election.


The Northwest’s finest sideways sliding statesmen are lining up for a crack at the office that greats such as Forest Bailey and Stefan Krumm have held. The new Mayor of Tube City’s responsibilities will include, (but aren’t limited to); good style, creative lines, multitasking,  bureaucratic and actual navigation, methods, back lips, amplitude and a strong stance on “Zeaching” and combos. Along with the new Mayor of Tube City we are electing a “Queen Pin” a “Zero Hazardous Waste Manager” and are on the look out to ticket “Jaywalkers” and “Pickpockets”. The kick off party is Saturday, starting at noon in the Central Park of The Summit at Snoqualmie. Hard hats are required for any would be candidate. The event is free but you do need a lift ticket and oh yes…there will be hot dogs.


After Saturday’s election Tube City itself will stay in full swing all season presided over by it’s new Mayor and Summit Park’s highly trained municipal park staff. We will strive to live by Tube City’s town charter “A free flowing creative freestyle jib environment where every rider can find a home.” So grab the keys to Big Bertha and tunnel up i90 to Lib Tech and The Summit at Snoqualmie’s big dig the all new shred-opolis Tube City!