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Inaugural RIDE Shakedown U.S.A. Dazzles Crowds and Competitors Alike
Seattle, March 12, 2010 – After a healthy dose of fresh powder at the Snoqualmie Pass last
night, the inaugural RIDE Shakedown U.S.A. got underway today at the Summit at Snoqualmie,
just 45 minutes from Seattle. Spectators and boarders alike were ready for a premier
international snowboarding competition – and that's exactly what they got! On the menu today
were amateur men duking it out for a place among the pro’s for Saturday’s big event, and the
race to be the Rail Jam king and queen.
A total of 24 snowboarders from around the globe took part in the unique competition, where
amateurs earn the chance to 'board against the pros in tomorrow's semi-final main event – the
RIDE Shakedown. In the end, only three riders will have that privilege, and today it was
Santiago, Chile's Manuel Diaz who won top honours, followed by Tanner Davidson (Calgary,
Canada), and Colin Clarke (Truckee, U.S.A.).
Diaz, 27 years old, impressed the judges with his smooth, stylish run, featuring a back side 7
Japan on the jump, and a Frontside 3 nose bonk on the totem pole (rail) – earning him top spot.
Almost ten years Diaz's junior, Alberta Canada's Tanner Davidson performed a back side 7 on
the jump, 50/50 Frontside 360 out on the down rail for second place. California's Colin Clarke
grabbed the last available spot, with a cab 1080 tail grab on the jump and 50/50 on the close
out rail – scoring him the last spot to glide beside the pros.
Local 'Boarder Gets Rail Jam King Crown
The Rail Jam competition this year was packed with skilled 'boarders; in the initial qualification
rounds, 3 guys and 1 gal (amateurs) qualified for the pro rail jam. For the men, it was Stefan
Krumm 18 years old (Woodinville, WA), Erik Van Assche 25 years old (Denver, CO) Robbie
Walsh, aged 27, (Welches, OR) and the lone gal was Raelynd Tarnove, 20 (Maple Valley, WA).
Yet there can only be one Rail Jam king and queen; this year it was local rider Austin Hironaka
of University Place, WA who took the win with an original combination of a 360 Miller flip tailgrab
transfer on the totem pole. The 23 year old's ride was stylish and had a lot of air, all while being
technically superb. When asked about his big win today, Hironaka said "Today was amazing! It
was just a big jam with a bunch of friends. Nothing but big smiles and good boarding and I had a
really good time. I'm on cloud nine right now and I just haven't gotten off," he commented. "I'm
stoked that RIDE Shakedown came to the U.S.A. dude! I'm $5000 richer! I couldn't be any
more stoked!" he enthused.
Isabelle Lalive, age 26 of Breckenridge, Colorado won the women's competition with an
impressive Frontside 50/50 frontside 180 out on the down rail. Judges were impressed with her
ride – for her efforts she get the women's purse of $3,000.
Can’t make it to the Summit? No problem – is looking after you with a live webcast of
the RIDE Shakedown from Summit at Snoqualmie on March 13, 2010 – starting at 2
p.m til 9:30 p.m.. (PST)
Starting Saturday March 13, at 12 noon til 1:00 p.m, catch some face time with your favourite
pro snowboarders at the Snowboarder Mag autograph session; then cheer them on as they
begin the battle of RIDE Shakedown – semi-finals start at 2:00p.m and end at 5:00p.m. The
half-time show features pro skateboarders riding the rail from 6:00 to 6:45p.m. See what the
pros have in store as they warm up from 7:30-8:00p.m., then witness who will become
champion of the first-ever RIDE Shakedown U.S.A., as the finals heat up the Summit at
Snoqualmie, beginning at 8:00p.m. – winners will be declared at 9:30p.m!
Still have energy? Come out to the official SKDW MFG presents RIDE Shakedown after-party
at Hard Rock Cafe Seattle (licensed event – 21 years and older) doors are at 9:00p.m. –
performances by Million $ Mano & DJ Sean Cee; tickets are $15 at the door.
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