Matador_Bold Ride_1

Safety first. The teams showing off their rafting gear. Adam's so extreme he brought his own.

The Matador by Jack Links Bold Ride event went down earlier this week, and one might say that the festivities went swimmingly well. A dinner at the Tahoe Hyatt introduced everyone on the eve of the trip, and then quickly to the bartenders and dealers at the in-house micro-casino.

Matador_Bold Ride_2

The crews getting some last minute instructions on how to not drown

After the hangover fog cleared the next morning, ten miles of Truckee River rapids were embarked upon by a group of Matador athletes and media folk, as we loaded up our rafts afloat the icy waters rushing down from the Tahoe area resorts as their season's bounty ran off toward sea.

Bikers, Skaters and Shredders out of their element and into the wild

Bikers, Skaters and Shredders out of their element and into the wild

The event provided a chance for professional athletes like Olympic bronze medalist, Scotty Lago, to rub oars and elbows with skateboarders and BMX riders as they navigated through class IV rapids. Most of the attendees had never even set foot in a raft before, so as everyone pushed off shore tensions were a little high amid our collective inexperience. The crews got the hang of it pretty quick though, following the lead of Scotty and his older brother at the front of the boat. The first half lent itself more to sunbathing, but after a riverside lunch the rafts were plummeting down dams and natural waterfalls, without a casualty to speak of.

Matador_Bold Ride_4

Adam Taylor mounts his shipmates to win the Bold Move Award

Once everyone was safely back on shore we had a chance to sit down with Mr. Lago to talk about how his hucking hiatus has been treating him before he heads up to High Cascade and down to Chile, so check out the  video coming out soon for his thoughts on summer and losing his whitewater V-card. Bon Voyage!

Matador_Bold Ride_5

Dennis Enarson, Adam Taylor and Scotty Lago celebrate survival at the end of the trip