Merivn MFG’S Boxes For Days Coming To HCSC For Session 4!

boxes for days 2011 HCSC

Are you signed up for Session 4 at High Cascade Snowboard Camp? If you said yes, then you are one of 265 stoked kids who will be getting your own summer stop of Mervin Mfg and Snowboy Productions' Boxes for Days – a ridiculously fun event involving a lot of boxes! on Tuesday, July 19.

"We had so much fun this past winter with the tour that we just couldn't wait till next winter" said event creator Krush Kulesza from Snowboy Productions. "I can't wait to see what Corey Mac and his amazing crew come up with for us!"

Boxes for Days takes ordinary park boxes and lines them up in ridiculously long lines to create an uber-feature that is equal parts fun and frustrating.  “I’m hyped!  We’ve been hoping for a good pain in the ass this summer… and dragging all those boxes into one place should definitely be one" chimed in HCSC's Preston Strout.

To make this even a bigger deal, the Boxes for Days set-up will also be the jib feature during Snowboarder Magazine's America's Next Top Pro Model event going on that same week, adding some of the biggest names in snowboarding to the mix.

Boxes for Days enthusiast and Snowboarder Magazine Editor Pat Bridges gave this heartfelt comment on the HCSC stop:

"If Boxes for Days makes a difference in even one kid's life then it deserves Snowboarder's support. Frankly more events like this should take place because not enough is being done to keep at risk teenage jibbers off the streets. Especially when school is out in the summer. Besides where else can you maybe, sorta see a triple cork spun onto a box in July?"

If you aren't signed up for Session 4 and if you don't have a pro-model snowboard, we are giving out a select few invites through the sponsors' Facebook pages in the coming weeks. Make sure you "like" each of these to raise your odds of snagging a spot.

Thanks to Lib Tech Snowboards, Gnu Snowboards, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Snowboarder Magazine, Coal Headwear and Think Thank for making this great event possible!

Boxes for Days – a ridiculously fun event involving a lot of boxes! is a two year traveling tour created by Snowboy Productions and sponsored by Mervin Mfg. The tour has already done stops in WA, NH, Tahoe and Japan during the 2010 winter season. The 2011 schedule will be released soon with stops planned  in the Mid-West, Mid-Atlantic, Rockies, So Cal and more!