MFM and Fam

Salt lake City, UT February 4, 2011- MFM and Familia are proud to announce the drop of their official website so you can keep up!
MFM and “the Fam” will be traveling the world, having’ fun, and looking for the most creative spots to rip together!  By plugging into the site daily you will stay up to date with where and what they are up to as well as view some of the exclusive edits.  The crew is filming for FODT's 10th feature film and is proud to be the first crew with a multi blog community.

“I’m more stoked on snowboarding than I’ve ever been before. I love our whole crew, it’s so fun, and we love the support we’ve been getting from everybody. So MAKE SURE to stay updated, because we’re barely getting started, we have HUGE things coming, you will be STOKED!!!” said MFM.