For Immediate Release on May 4, 2016:

SAN DIEGO—Owners of the Modern Technocracy™ manufacturers of unique, professional-grade mounts and accessories for live-action photographers and videographers, today announced the availability of its product on Dark Horse Pros, The MT system enables content creators to position cameras in novel positions to capture never-before-seen angles without the risk of damaged or lost equipment.

The opportunity for new angles for professional photographers, videographers, YouTubers and lives-streamers of all abilities to produce high-quality content on the fly is now possible. With extraordinarily elegant industrial design, including carbon fiber and high-grade aluminum (versus traditional plastic mounts), MT is durable enough to withstand surfing 60-foot waves or flying at 165 miles per hour in a wingsuit. It is also engineered for completely intuitive ease-of-use, so even the most novice beginner can enjoy capturing incredible images out of the gates.

The patented design of the MT system allows for 360-degree rotation and the ability to attach multiple capture devices to one mount, affording nearly endless capabilities. The articulating modular aspect of the device lets users build new custom mounts while still being able to position the camera however they please using the pivot-style design.


  • Lightweight and durable anodized aluminum and/or carbon fiber construction
  • Patented modular head and articulating joint design
  • Multi-device compatible: action camera, smartphone and professional cameras
  • Designed and tested by athletes and professional content creators
  • Practically infinite possibilities for new angles and capturing techniques
  • User-friendly
  • Ease of application across all genres of photography
  • Lightweight and durable

PRICE: MT-1 $59.99 – MT-POD/C $119.99 (Carbon Fiber)


The Modern Technocracy™ is about making the big picture BIGGER, offering patented mount technology for any camera to capture images in ways that have yet to be seen. These unique products are meant to allow you to BE THE ACTION and share the most epic moments of your life.

MT came to life through the craftsmanship of original GoPro® athletes, and was spearheaded by surfer, Reno Makani from the big island of Hawaii. Reno's pursuit of capturing inspiring content led him to develop the most innovative mounting technology ever created and captured the imaginations of some of the world's greatest athletes who joined the Modern Technocracy™ team. Now with new 3rd person POV and Onboard perspectives, MT will elevate the way you capture and share life's best moments. Whether you're an aspiring action sports athlete, professional content creator, enthusiast or a weekend warrior, MT has something to help you BE THE ACTION.

Media contact:

Tripp Schoff

The Modern Technocracy