new machine for park builders – HIP CUTTER

hipcutter 007
It's only taken 15yrs of dreaming to get it to this point. Ever since I hand shoveled my first hip while working for MHSC (Mount Hood Snowboard Camp) back in 1994 this contraption has been burning in my mind. The need to build this was fueled year after year at events like Super Park when we as builders would get together and daydream about the tools we wish we had but didn’t. It's been a long time coming for the right combination of time, resources, knowledge and support to come together to allow the creation of the first purposefully built hip cutter in the world.

Plans were drafted last summer( and posted to our park blog. Construction unfortunately started and stopped many times over the winter( ). Primary fabrication was completed earlier this month and the Boreal Hip Cutter is finally a reality.
hipcutter 006
Created on the platform of a HPGR17, the BHC is super light weight and efficient with magna steel cutting blades and positive drive on an industrial roller chain system. The HPGR17 was chosen as the platform because of its proven reliability, cutting power and most of all simplicity. Original plans called for our old purple super dragon but were scrapped due to its higher weight and lesser reliability. Lucky for us, Planet Snow Tools was looking for an operational original purple super dragon and a trade was struck that landed us the HPGR17 and Planet Snow got the dragon they sought after.

The BHC's newly designed shape will offer maximum flexibility in its use, normal park features can be cut at angles of 45 - 60 degrees with perfect matching tranny at the base. Unique and one of a kind features can be cut up to true vertical with unlimited height potential. The BHC will be on a dedicated snow cat this winter so it will see nightly service in all of Boreal's Parks.
Bottom transition radius 17ft
Hip extension: 11.5ft
Total operational range of movement: 45-90 degrees
Normal operational range: 45 – 65 degrees with matching lower tranny…typical nightly operation in parks
Maxium operational range: 65 degrees to vertical…for special features and photo shoots
Height at 45 degrees: 18.3 ft
Height at vertical: 29ft
Dedicated operation on a BR275 Terrain Master Snowcat