Venice, CA – January 26, 2010 – The Arbor Collective is proud to announce the addition of Nick Visconti to their evolving snowboard team that also includes the recent signing of Chelone "Chilly" Miller . Visconti is a NorCal kid from San Ramon who now resides in Truckee. Whether he's at the resorts, out in the backcountry, in the neighborhoods and towns or in his buddy's backyard, he spends most of his days shredding in and around the North Lake Tahoe area. "Nick is an exciting addition to our family," says Bob Carlson, co-founder of Arbor. "He is part of a new generation of snowboarders who understand how to effectively market themselves. Just being a great snowboarder isn't enough for most professionals today⎯they have to be able to sell themselves and Nick gets that. He has a great attitude, a larger than life personality, a priceless sense of humor, an amazing work ethic and his solid skills as a rider complete the package."

Photo: Jason Previtt

Photo: Jason Previtt

As Arbor revamps their snowboard team, they are welcoming riders to the family who are as passionate about their snowboarding as Arbor is about creating innovative snowboards while reducing their impact on the environment. "I am excited to align myself with a brand making a difference in the snowboard community and positively influencing the world," says Visconti. "The Arbor brand is extremely passionate about producing innovative snowboards with a conscious. Ultimately, I want to represent brands that I believe in…I believe in Arbor."

Visconti's emphasis for the season is on exploring his true potential as a snowboarder and a human. He is excited to be working on the Think Thank movie project again this season and exploiting creativity on a few editorial projects with the major snowboard magazines. He has also teamed up with his good friends, Josh Parker and Tim Bradley to lay what they believe is the foundation for the future of snowboard media. Tahoe Dangerzone is a series of online webisodes focused on creatively capturing fun, friends and their love for snowboarding. "We produce wild-style snowboard videos that will captivate and mold young minds all set to the beauty of Lake Tahoe," says Visconti. "It began at a Kenny Loggins concert and has turned into an international online snowboard video phenomena with a quickly expanding fan base."

Visconti's Tahoe Dangerzone webisodes will soon be viewable at and are currently available at in addition to several other snowboard media outlets. If you want to get stoked on snowboarding and have a good laugh…check them out.

ABOUT THE ARBOR COLLECTIVE : Arbor was founded in 1995 on the assertion that solutions to many of today's most difficult snow, skate, and apparel design challenges exist in the natural world. For 14 years, Arbor has built on the belief of replacing, environmentally harmful materials with ecologically based, natural alternatives. Arbor's goal is to create a higher level of function and relevance in the most responsible way possible. The end result must be improved style and performance with significantly reduced impact on the environment. "We all need clean air to skate, clean water to surf, and snow to ride…"