Nikita’s Premiere Flagship Store Offers a Sneak Peek

FrontIceland's best dressed will be out in force for an open house to be held in what will become Nikita's very first flagship store. Nikita's heritage has grown, been lived in and nurtured from the rugged and magnificent realm of Iceland. It makes sense that the premier spot for the flagship clothing and lifestyle shop be situated in the stylish and independent city of Reykjavik where the brand was born.

The papers have been signed and the transformation is under way. What is currently a four story house with a brilliant back garden located right in the heart of the city will become a Nikita lifestyle oasis. Two floors will be dedicated to retail space offering a shopper's paradise including: the Nikita streetwear collection, Nikita Selekzion and, in winter, the outerwear collection. The third floor will be an extra work space for the designers at Nikita HQ. They will be designing and producing exclusive editions and one-off hand printed pieces for the shop and other occasions. The final floor will be for Nikita friends and family, offering accommodation when team riders and friends come to town. The walls of the back garden will house art by featured street artists, a mini-ramp is in the works and ample room to have a band is a must. We look forward to hosting special events and parties at the new flagship store and hope you can make it!
The initial open house party will take place August 22, 2009 during the annual Culture Night in Reykjavik and all are welcome. Come take a look at the renovations and the project at hand thus far, enjoy some beverages and good company. The Nikita family is giddy with anticipation for the opening day!

Street View
In the weeks to come the new store will be celebrating it's grand opening and will be open for business to the public. It's an ambitious and exciting project and will showcase everything that Nikita is about. "It feels like we're closing the full circle. Nikita was founded 10 years ago in our own store just a few blocks away from where we are opening the first flagship store now 10 years later. We could have done it earlier, but we have just been too busy! Everybody at Nikita is super excited about the launch." – Runar and Heida

Nikita Flagship Store Address: Laugavegur 56, Reykjavik 101, Iceland

The new store precedes Nikita's 10th year anniversary taking place in 2010. Nikita Clothing was internationally established in 2000 and Heida Birgisdottir remains at the helm of the company she co-founded, immersed in her role as head designer.