Nikita Launches First Flagship Store


Nikita's flagship store opened its doors for the first time on the main street of Laugavegur in downtown Reykjavik. The opening night was complete with a full-on smoke and lights show and a concert by GusGus showcasing the release of their new album 24/7. The place was packed!
Gus Gus Concert at the Opening Party
A huge transformation of the building took place after Nikita acquired the space. The place was gutted and stripped down to the brick and mortar basics, polished and spit-shined to perfection. Nikita paid a lot of attention to detail on the interior with graphics on the ceiling, Nikita colorways splashed on the walls, a huge chandelier and custom made industrial looking stairs. As you walk through what's noticeable is how open the layout is – each piece is wholly visible, not overcrowded or intimidating.  Huge windows overlook the main street from ground level to third floor letting in great light and a view of the street. It's a perfect space for shoppers to browse through the Nikita, Outerwear and Selekzion lines.

Not only has the inside transformed but the previously cream color exterior has taken on new life with brightly painted corrugated sides, a huge deck area with street art, a mini ramp and garden area. There is a stage area where musicians can play and there are plans in the works for art and music shows to occur monthly.

Previous to the launch, Nikita ran a contest for two ladies to win a trip to the Nikita-mania of opening night. The girls who won were from Canada and Switzerland and here's their take on being part of it all:

Kelsey Rumball – Ontario, Canada
Kelsey and Melanie Iceland
Kelsey and Melanie Quad Bike Gear
Melanie and Kelsey Caving
"Going to Iceland was the most breathtaking experience. I already loved Nikita for providing us women with great clothing but now they have provided me with so much more; I have an amazing story to tell!  I did a lot of things I never thought I would ever do in my lifetime. I went four-wheeling / quad-biking around the mountains, explored a lava cave, went to the Blue Lagoon (Google it) and got to be one of the 1st customers at the new Nikita store!  The store is incredible and is totally covered in funky style; you should definitely check it out!  It was the most action-packed weekend imaginable and I am still thinking it was a dream. I want to thank Nikita for giving me this amazing experience and offering me the chance to explore outside of Canada to such a different environment than I am used to. I will remember this trip forever, and I owe it all to Nikita….only the best brand in the world."

Melanie Merkli – Tegerfelden, Switzerland

"What a great weekend!  After a long journey from Zurich to the expensive Copenhagen, I finally got to Iceland. I was picked up by Ingo and the other lucky girl Kelsey, from Canada. We went directly to the famous Blue Lagoon near to Keflavik airport. I was so relaxed after the bath and that nice face mask. I just felt a bit ugly with that swimsuit – I didn't have one with me, so I had to hire one (which was probably worn by thousands of other people, uhh…).  So after that relaxing bath we relaxed at our really nice Hotel Björk.

As for the new store, I loved it!  It's very big and there's so much space and so many things.  I liked all the pictures on the walls and especially the huge chandelier over the cashier desk.  The garden is huge with a mini ramp for skateboards. How cool is that?!  During summer you can have BBQ parties outside and the colours of the walls – just crazy!  I definitely liked the three floors; it's so cool to have more than one floor full of clothes.  If you walk around outside and see the store, you just want to get in!"

Other notes about the Nikita store:

Opening hours: 11:00am – 18:00pm Monday to Saurday (with extended hours for special happenings)

Location: Laugavegur 56, 101 Reykjavik – smack in the middle of the main shopping street and 400 metres from where

The store manager is Vala Magg

Events will be managed by Ásgeir Höskuldsson (Aka Geiri)

Here's the new trailer of the journey: