Nikita re-charges in North America!


Icelandic based clothing company NIKITA is stoked to announce strategic changes in the brands North American distribution. Effective January 1st 2010, C4 Distribution, that has for the last 8 years been the brands Canadian distributor, will expand its territory to involve the United States as well – and thus be the exclusive Nikita distributor for the whole North American market.

"We have been working with C4 as the Canadian distributor for 8 years now, and their performance has been inspiring. Their dedication to the brand and how well they adopted and implemented our strategies has resulted in a lot of trust. This trust now brings us to the table to sign a full North American exclusive agreement with C4 distribution" says Nikita's CEO Runar Omarsson.
Nikita Clothing was started 10 years ago by designer/snowboarder Heida Birgisdottir and her friends in Reykjavik, Iceland. Nikita has for the last years led the way in street fashion and technical outerwear "for girls who ride".
According to C4's CEO Claude Roy: "We've been involved with NIKITA from day one in Canada and we are proud of having been part of it's evolution during the last 8 years.
Our comprehensive understanding of the brand, long-term approach and trust, has lead to a solid partnership with NIKITA. Distributing NIKITA in the US market is also a strategic progression of our business and lends perfectly to the passion we have for this very unique brand."

C4 Distribution is part of a bigger company that has a storied 14-year history up in the "Great White North". They got their start back in the mid 90's with an opportunity to help pioneer the turn-around of the now global brand VANS. They have for the last years distributed some of the most sought after street fashion and outerwear brands on the Canadian market.

Scott Prunier, C4's GM adds: "Our long-standing relationship and enthusiasm with NIKITA makes up a big part of our DNA here at C4. During this transition period our focus will be on our customers, to ensure all avenues are covered and no questions are left unanswered. We will continue to build upon the great work of the current US management team and strive to make this shift as smooth as possible for all. Stay tuned for a lot more to come from Nikita and C4 in the US over the next couple of seasons!"

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