Oneoheight Apparel Ltd

Stemming from a lifestyle of late nights, early mornings, and a passion for snowboarding Oneoheight turned an idea into reality in 2010. Realizing how rich their roots are on the east coast, they decided to let them flow through to their designs; filling a unique niche in the soft goods market. Focused on fit, style and above all quality, Oneoheight strives to be a leader. They are proof that with numerous friends and family, and a lot of energy, anything is possible. They aim to capture people who do what they love and exemplify where they’re from.

Oneoheight Apparel Ltd is a high-end street wear collaborative piloted by a love for snowboarding and the community that surrounds it. They have a lot to offer in their debut product line, bringing their own ideas on fit, quality and style to the table to create an image that exemplifies their lives and the lives of those they surround themselves with. Oneoheight's products are designed from the thread up with the end user in mind, striving to make them action friendly while still retaining that premium / custom feel you want when you're out to get down. Their full Spring 2011 product line is currently available online at You can also find them in select retail locations on the east coast. (See the website for retail locations)