Peter Line and Eddie Wall Team Up For Movie Project "The Peddie Files", a Video Hyper Shred Production.

California, March 8th, 2011– Peter Line and Eddie Wall have decided to join their names and talent for their new project named "The Peddie Files" which will feature Peter, Eddie and all of their friends adventures traveling and riding all across the globe. From Mammoth, to Utah, to Europe, to Montana and more, Peter and Eddie have been traveling nonstop and documenting it all for your viewing pleasure. Joined by legendary riders such as Jussi Oksanen to up and comers such as Parker Duke and Alex and Jared Dawoud, The Peddie Files will show a true spectrum of life on the road.

"The Peddie Files" is being produced by Video Hyper Shred, and is filmed and directed by Greg Weaver. "The Peddie Files" will be available on DVD and Limited Edition VHS this October. Until then, you can check out the daily updates on videohypershred.com and get some meatier updates every other Tuesday at snowboardermag.com.

"After filming video parts for a long time, it's so fun to have total control of a movie. We can do whatever we want, and there is nobody to tell us not to!!! It's awesome!!" says Eddie.

Peter Line agrees with Eddie with adding, "I agree with Eddie!"

"If you come up with a name like Peddie Files, the movie can't be anything else but insane" –Jussi Oksanen

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About Peddie File Creators:
Peter Line has been snowboarding for 23 years and professional for 18 of those years. He is ranked 4th most influential snowboarder of all time. He has won 5 X Games Medals among many other contests with oversized checks (both literally and figuratively), and has video parts dating back to 1992. His role in snowboarding has reached from inventing tricks to starting successful companies. Peter currently resides in Seattle, Washington where he lives with his soul mate, a French Bull Dog named Parnel in a damn nice artsy condo complex.

Eddie Wall has been a professional snowboarder for 11 years. He has produced over 16 video parts, won multiple contests, and has been ranked 8th in world wide coverage over the last 5 years. He currently lives between Mammoth Lakes and Venice Beach, CA and wherever his snowboard, skateboard, and guitar take him (as long as it is within Domino's delivery range, he's not a savage for god's sake.)

Greg Weaver is a seasoned snowboard cinematographer who has filmed, edited, and directed notable films such as Mammoth Mtn's "Hot Laps" and "Another Day In Paradise", amongst other things. He currently resides in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

About Video Hyper Shred:
VideoHyperShred.com, VHS, has a goal to update videos and photos every single day of the season. The clips will be short, raw, and feature pro snowboarders, ams, legends, friends, skaters, girls, drunks, industry tools and animals. The site will include all types of snowboarding; film trips, fun laps, bangers, trick tips, archival footage, interviews, behind-the-scenes, hugs, high fives and much more. There is more to snowboarding then a 2 minute part at the end of a season and our goal is to show ALL the behind the scenes and showing the snowboard lifestyle.

Contact Info:

Peter Line, Snowboarder peetard@mac.com

Eddie Wall, Snowboarder eddie@videohypershred.com

Greg Weaver, Cinematographer greg@palemoonstudio.com