words:David "Davidaisy" Steigerwald
photos: Alex Cole, Josh Campbell, Riley Howland

Nashoba Valley is where I learned to snowboard. It is where I had my first job in the snowboarding industry. It is where I learned about subcultures, girls, beer, and anything and everything about life. Since then I have had the fortune to travel around the U.S. to experience countless other resorts. Now, 10 years later, I returned to Nashoba to partake in what can best be described as "the-most-wickahd-contest-evah-kid", Chris Grenier's Holiday Hammers.

Chris Grenier is snowboarding's most prolific Masshole and for Christmas this year, he brought central Massachusetts his high octane, Dunkin’ Donuts fueled contest to the slopes of Nashoba. A gathering of East Coast royalty, young and old, assembled on a balmy 50°F day to cut loose and enjoy some serious turns. EB Bub, Vedo, Rav, Brand Reis, Cole Navin, Zach Normandin, Shaun Murphy, Andrew Aldridge are just some of the names of Ice Coast legends that made their appearance at the event to enjoy some warm weather and epic feature set-up. True to fashion, there was no shortage of hammers being thrown. Multiple flips (including a one footer backy that won best grab), various gap to rails, plenty of miller flips and hand plants were put on display by everyone.

Zach Normandin claimed best trick by opting out of the pre-built gap and going Rambo from the tabletop lip to the down rail. The solid 15-20 foot drop to straight boardslide, severed his board in two. Mike Rav taught us all how to properly ride a rhythm section with style. Shaun Murphy laid waste to the whole course (which earned him top spot on the podium). Ladies Hillary Cooke and Athena put a show of their own on in the rail section. Cole St. Martin graced us with his timeless style and snagged "Shittiest Grab Award". The list could go on forever on what went down but lets just leave it at you had to be there/you wish you were there to enjoy what was truly an epic day of friends and riding.

Shout out to Nashoba for an awesome set up and to Chris Grenier for bring everyone together! It was pissah, guy.


Mens Am
1st – Travis Brown
2nd – River Hutchinson
3rd – Morris Gifford

Woman's Am
Hillary Cooke

Best Trick
Zach Normandin

Best Grab
Alex Desimone

Shittiest Grab
Cole St Martin

Tightest Style
Rory Bruder

Men's Pro
1st – Shaun Murphy
2nd – Austin Esposito
3rd – Jack Kohan

Women's Pro
Athena Comeau

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