JULY 4, 2013


Tired of missing the action because some else had the camera? Looking a bit weird snowboarding around with a stick and a duct taped camera to get that epic powder day footage?  Tired of taking self-pictures of yourself with your arm only to get a double chin and your girlfriend cut out of the picture?

Time to get a POLE.

Platinum Distribution is pleased to announce the official launch of THE POLE.

THE POLE is a telescopic monopod that allows you to mount any type of camera to "Let you get in the shot".

Made out of lightweight aluminum, The POLE is waterproof and tough enough for any sport you throw at it.

Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Amusement Parks, Concerts, Surfing, Tourist Attractions, Waterparks, etc…..

Each POLE comes with a quick release mount system that allows quick and effortless changing of any type of camera.  A wrist lanyard keeps your POLE close to you in Snow and Water.

Switch from a POV Camera to Compact Camera in seconds.  Mount a DSLR to capture concert footage.  Take your POV camera surfing.  You will find a million uses for The POLE. Fits all Gopro cameras and any camera that has ¼" hole.

The built in Mirror lets you see what your camera is seeing so you don't miss your shot.

The POLE extends to 9 " (22cm) and extends to 28" (72 cm). Total weight without a camera is only 3.75 ounces.

Small enough to fit in any jacket pocket or back pack, THE POLE goes anywhere you want to capture the action.

THE POLE will be shipping SEPTEMBER 30 with a $39.99 Retail Price.

For more information or to reserve your POLE: or