Pop Outerwear: An Introduction

Pop Outerwear debuts versatile city crossover outerwear.

Pop Outerwear is a San Francisco-based snowboarding outerwear line designed around creating product that is built for the snow but designed for the city. This fall, the company debuts its first complete line including snowboarding outerwear, softshell jackets, and lightweight fleece jackets. All pieces are designed to be a figure-flattering alternative to the traditional boxy silhouettes of outdoor apparel.

"We wanted to reflect our love for snowboarding in everyday life," Joanne Medvitz – co-founder of Pop Outerwear. Season after season, the founders found themselves stripping out of their bulky snowboard jackets and changing into their "city" jackets. All the while thinking, why doesn't someone make a snowboard jacket that would have the aesthetics of a city jacket but all the functionality of a snowboard jacket? So they did! Pop Outerwear fills the need for slimmer fitting, high quality, and affordable outerwear that people can wear on the slopes and to work in the city.

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Pop Outerwear began in 2009 by two nerds who never fit the “snowboarder” mold. Pop Outerwear will be available on the company's website, in their Upper Haight showroom, and at select retailers.