Rat Race Presented By Drink Water

Rat Race Flyer

DRINK WATER presents the first annual RAT RACE. A snowboard race going down on July 8th, 2012 at Mt. Hood, OR, hosted by HCSC. 100 of the world’s fastest men and women have been invited to battle it out for glory. It is a timed event through Hell Track; the fastest person to make it out alive wins.

Thanks to our sponsors NIKE, DAKINE, SMITH OPTICS, NITRO SNOWBOARDS, ARNETTE, POLER STUFF, HIGH CASCADE SNOWBOARD CAMP, and TIMBERLINE. With the RAT RACE that we live in, it is easy to take things for granted, like the fact that we
have amazing drinking water coming out of our faucets. So, we drink water. And we'd like to help another community drink water too. 100% of the proceeds go to drill a well to provide clean drinking water to a community in need, via Water.org.

DRINK WATER is a brand/initiative to encourage human beings to drink water. Founded by pro snowboarders Bryan Fox and Austin Smith, the DRINK WATER roster is stacked with water drinkers: Louif Paradis, Jake Kuzyk, Keegan Valaika, Scott E. Wittlake, Lucas Debari, Josh Dirksen, Curtis Ciszek, Scott Blum, Blair Habenicht, and Jake Olson-Elm. Join us at www.wedrinkwater.com. We don't sell water, we just drink it.