Ride Shakedown: Canada

10th anniversary Rail Jam title goes to Jeremy Cloutier
Hometown rider takes home his second straight RIDE Shakedown Rail Jam title

Saint-Sauveur, April 1, 2011 – Thousands came out for day one of the milestone 10th anniversary of the RIDE Shakedown today at Mont Saint-Sauveur. The anticipated event delivered again thanks to sunny skies, warm weather and slew of excitement.

Early Friday morning, sunny skies welcomed the 54 amateur riders as they took to the course for the Oakley amateur qualifications in their respective heats. Among these eager athletes were winners from this season's RIDE Shakedown qualification events such as the Taxis Hold'em, Fokus Pokus, and many others. With so many industry headliners set to compete in Saturday's RIDE Shakedown semi final, these amateurs wanted nothing more than to get noticed and earn their ticket to the big show. Needless to say, they suceeded. Judge Alexandre Auchu was impressed, "the level of riding was significantly higher than amateur qualifications from previous years. Some tricks we saw today can very well be seen in the final". Francis Bourgeois, 21, from Trois-Rivières took the top stop, stomping a frontside 900 and following it up on the kink rail with a gap to backside lipslide. Joining him in tomorrow's semi-final is 21 year old Antoine Truchon from Saint-Adèle and 16 year old Michel Grégoire from St-Augustin de Desmaures. Truchon performed a frontside 1080 on the jump and a gap to frontside lipslide on the kink rail while Grégoire did a backside 1080 double cork on the jump before hitting the kink rail 50/50 frontside 180-out.

Next on the agenda was the Coors Light Rail Jam qualification round where Vincent Grandmaison from Québec (QC), Dylan Ojo from St-Hubert (QC), and Mason Hambly from Elora (ON) were victorious among 35 participants.

Coors Light Rail Jam king is none other than Jeremy Cloutier
Once this year's rail features were unveiled, it was clear riders would have to step it up. With 32 athletes
such as two-time RIDE Shakedown winner Sebastien Toutant (2006-2009), notorious Quebec jibber Alex
Cantin, and RIDE Shakedown 2010 Rail Jam winner Forest Bailey (USA), fans were treated to quite the
show. This year, the design offered three equally challenging options. The first was a down rail, accessible
only after overcoming a fence. Option two was the traditional kink rail over 12 steps, and lastly, another
fence to down rail with a gap spanning 15 feet.

The final took place on the kink rail, chosen at random. The remaining 8 athletes were each allotted three
runs to prove themselves; the best two would count towards their final score. Jeremy Cloutier, winner of
the RIDE Shakedown USA Rail Jam two short weeks earlier, stepped it up and performed a Frontside 180,
cab 360 out on his first run. The 22-year old from Blainville followed it up by stomping a Frontside 180
switch backside 360 out, earning the top spot and $5,000. Coming off the podium, Cloutier was ecstatic:
"Two in a row, feels pretty good! It went well, I landed what I wanted to but it wasn't easy. I love the
format, it works well for me and I loved the setup, it was perfect!"

Phil Jacques, a 23-year old rider from Ancienne-Laurette (QC), impressed the judges with a variation of
tricks. He takes home second and $2,000. Frank April, 24, from Notre-Dame-de-Portage (QC), stood out
for his consistency and earned the third podium spot along with $1,000.

Once again, Ride Snowboards will be collecting donations to benefit the Red Cross Japan relief effort. Ride Snowboards will match the total sum collected this weekend, so stop by their booth in the partner village!

Tonight, anyone with the urge to party will head to the first of two official Coors Light afterparties at the Mont Avila lodge. Saturday is not to be missed! The day kicks off at noon with the Snowboard Canada Magazine autograph session. Come meet your favourite pro riders before they head to the course for the long awaited semi-final round at 2 pm. Enjoy the many activities available in the partner village or watch the annual Push.ca halftime show, where invited skateboarders take to the same rail set-up used by snowboarders. As of 7 pm, we go live as Fuel.tv begins their live webcast of the 2011 RIDE Shakedown grand finale! Once the winner is announced, we cap this 10th anniversary with the official Coors Light afterparty at the Mont Avila lodge.

Winner of the Grand Prix du Tourisme Laurentides 2011

On Thursday, March 30, the RIDE Shakedown was awarded the Grand Prix du Tourisme Laurentides Desjardins 2011 in the festivals and events category. The award was proudly accepted by RIDE Shakedown co-founder and co-organizer Brendan O'Dowd.

Sébastien Toutant Victorious at the 2011 RIDE Shakedown presented by Vidéotron

Matts Kulisek earns his third RIDE Shakedown podium this year

Saint-Sauveur, April 2, 2011 – The 10th anniversary of the RIDE Shakedown presented by Videotron came to a close tonight as Sébastien Toutant took home his third RIDE Shakedown title (2006-2009- 2011). All five stands were packed with fans eager to witness this exhilarating milestone edition.

The final day of this 10th edition proved why this competition is among the industry and fan favourites. Antoine Truchon and Francis Bourgeois, both qualified amateurs, were lined up to compete alongside Alex Cantin of Quebec City and Yale Cousino of Lincoln, VT, to name a few. Though winds were an added challenge, all 35 riders pushed their limits in an effort to impress both the judges and the fans. The top 10 was reminiscent of the 2006 edition as Truchon and Bourgeois qualified alongside RIDE Shakedown veterans Matts Kulisek and Sebastien Toutant.

Going into the final, the adrenaline was palpable. Riders were allotted 90 minutes in which they were required to perform three judged runs. The best two runs combined to form the final score. This laid-back approach, at the heart of the RIDE Shakedown's unique competition format, is highly appreciated by athletes; it allows them to perform to their full extent and give the crowd a show.

It was a neck-in-neck race for the three winners, each trying to outdo the other. On his final run, 18 year- old Sébastien Toutant threw a cab 1260 double cork and followed it up with a gap to nose blunt on the kink rail. Added to his successful first run, a backside 1080 double cork and gap cap 270 on the rail, the hometown hero climbed his way to the top podium step for the third time, earning $15,000. "It was a tough semi-final this morning, it was super windy. Everyone was having a bit of trouble, but I stomped my run and made it to the final. On my last run I went with my cab 12 double cork. I hadn't practiced it but I stomped it and it was kind of like a dream come true," he said.

Matts Kulisek, no stranger to the competition, earned the second podium spot with his frontside 1260 on the jump and gap half cap 50/50 on the kink rail. This is the 2011 RIDE Shakedown third podium for the 26 year-old hometown rider, who took home $8,000. Kulisek, short of breath, was ecstatic. "It's hard to podium once, so three times is amazing! This crowd is definitely the biggest, but at the same time I've got all my friends for support!"

Newcomer Maxence Parrot from Bromont earned his the semi-final spot as the best trick winner at the 2011 Snowmission. After making it to the final, the 17 year-old impressed the judges with his backside 1260 double cork followed by a gap cab 270 on the kink rail. Parrot came in third with a $4,000 prize purse.

The crowd was treated with a slew of events throughout the day, such as the Snowboard Canada Magazine autograph session and the customary Push.ca halftime show. The latter took place on the same setup used by snowboarders where Simon Naud-Marcotte earned best trick and $2,000 for his 50/50 down to 5-0. The whole event was highlighted with the sounds of drumline D-LINE and ended with a bang –literally. Fireworks lit up the sky as the 10th anniversary came to an end.

Despite the thousands of smiling faces, none were happier than Patryck Bernier and Brendan O'Dowd, founders of the event. "It's crazy to think of how much this event has grown in the past ten years. It's now an international event on two continents that attracts top riders from across the world! The crowd here at Mont Saint-Sauveur amazes us year after year. We love this event and we love being able to have over 25,000 people love it too. We even got Mother Nature on our side again this year!"

This 10th anniversary edition was a success with the launch of the inaugural RIDE Shakedown in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany followed by an encore edition at The Summit at Snoqualmie in Seattle. The final stop in Mont Saint-Sauveur closes out an international tour for the RIDE Shakedown, one that we hope to repeat in the coming years.
Starting April 18 at 11:30 am, Videotron –the event's presenting sponsor, will be broadcasting a RIDE Shakedown 10th anniversary highlight show on VOX. An English version of the highlight show will also be featured on TSN, April 30 at noon. For full broadcast schedule, head to www.voxtv.ca or the RIDE Shakedown website.

Until then, take advantage of exclusive footage accessible to all fans via one of the three Videtron platforms. A slew of highlight shows from previous editions (2006-2010), exclusive videos, as well as the 10-year RIDE Shakedown documentary are available now on illico web, illico mobile, and illico on demand.

Unique competition format
What makes the RIDE Shakedown www.rideshakedown.com such a hit and a cut above the rest is its unparalleled competition format. The concept: a laidback, live-it-up event with minimal restrictions on the riders. Spectators are taken to the very heart of the action and treated to a thrill-a-minute show that's eminently accessible. At the RIDE Shakedown, riders are required to master two different disciplines: Big Air and rail featuring a rail with various surface textures to be revealed only on the first day of competition. Competitors and fans alike look forward to the moment. While pros are the main attraction, amateurs are also in the game, as they valiantly battle it out in an attempt to make a name for themselves. Every winter, new talent is discovered!

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