A diverse group of riders will compete for the ultimate bragging rights, as well as cash and prizes provided by Sony® and Nixon


Encinitas, CA (April 17, 2013):  A dozen riders representing the contest arena, backcountry and the streets have been confirmed to compete in JP Walker's inaugural handplant-only event at Bear Mountain on Saturday April 20th.

The riders confirmed to join JP Walker for this unique event includes Forest Bailey, Ben Bilocq, Pat Bridges, Simon Chamberlain, Tim Eddy Chris Grenier, Marko Grilc, Jeremy Jones, Cody Rosenthal, and Scott Stevens.

Rarely is this unique group of riders given the opportunity to ride together, and each brings a diverse bag of tricks to the contest. Notables include Pat Bridges, who has been schooling riders on handplants since the 1990s and Scott Stevens, who built a career by mastering creative snowboarding and one-foot maneuvers.

The names of the legendary snowboarder captains who will oversee the Handplant Holiday teams will be released the day of the event.

This jam style event is all about performing several variations of technical handplants and having fun doing it, and a new feature—custom-designed by JP Walker with Bear Mountain just for the Handplant Holiday—will ensure that everyone enters the contest on an equal playing field. The team format will mean that each rider will be working with at least three others to cover the vast list of challenges at this unique event.

Each team of four riders will session the multi-faceted feature, and accumulate points towards winning the overall Handplant Holiday Winners title and a cash prize of $5000 and Sony products. The rider with the Plant of the Day will earn an additional 150 points for his team as well as the Most Valuable Planter trophy, which JP Walker and Salt Lake City artist, Todd Slack from Sugar Post, collaborated to hand-make.

Each competitor will receive the latest Sony Action Cam with built-in WiFi and multiple mounts to catch all the action from the day. Each will also have the chance to win $1000 in Sony product for capturing the Best Shot of the Day.

Additionally, all competitors will receive limited edition Handplant Holiday gear from Nixon including high-end watches, speakers, and clothing.


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Video coverage from the event will appear in the online web series Jibberish Volume 2 on snowboardermag.com

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The Handplant Holiday will be powered by several healthy additional event sponsors including: Hill Street Café, CocoRidge Coconut Water, Fred Water and RawRev.