Rome: AmAggedon!—Five Ams, One Van, Zero Supervision.


AmAggedon!--Five Ams, One Van, Zero Supervision.

March 21, 2012

This could be a bad idea...

Or one of the best ideas ever: Get five ams together, give them the Rome van, give them a filmer, give them some money, and give them the freedom to create the video that they want.

What started as a joke is about to become reality--later today Rome will hand over the keys to the most traveled van in snowboarding to AmArmy riders Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, Derrek Lever, Mark Wilson, and Viktor Simco.  And they will head out on the road to start riding and filming.

For three weeks they will have $200 to share each day for food and hotels...or they could live off the land, sleep in the van (or your apartment floor),  and pocket the cash for other priorities.  It's up to them.  All the while destroying local terrain, filming the good times, and leaving like ghosts in the night.

This road trip video project is completely in the am riders' hands. No team managers, reps, or in-house crew will be along for the ride.   Just one van we hope survives, a filmer we also hope survives, a small budget for travel or whatever, and the open road to guide them to whatever they want to film.

A few weeks down the road they will hopefully return with the van in one piece, some good stories, and a few hard drives worth of footage.  Until then, the rest of us will just have to sit back and see what happens.

AmAggedon is coming! So keep checking the Rome Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates from the road.