Rome SDS – Ask the Rider Johnny Lazz

Ask the rider Lazz



December 6th 2011

Walking away with the opening spot in The Shred Remains is just one more thing for Johnny Lazz to put under his belt and as this season ramps up with increasing snow fall, we thought you might like the chance to pick his brain and ask a few questions. You'll be able to get answers in real time right on the Rome Facebook page.

Here's all you have to do:

• Check out Rome's Fan Page, at
• Like our page.
• At the designated time, we'll post a comment that the interview is starting.
• Comment your question on our post, and Lazz will comment you an answer as fast as he can.

We'll be handing out a 2012 Artifact Rocker, to one random lucky participant so make sure you brainstorm some good questions...

So get on a computer at the following time, check out the page, and ask away!

December 9th
5-7pm East Coast
4-6pm Central
3-5pm Mountain
2-4pm Pacific

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