Rome SDS Inside the Design House: Paddock – Win a Pusher 1985


Chances are if you're a snowboarder, you've sat through school, or a meeting, or something and doodled on a piece of paper thinking to yourself, "it would be sick if I could design snowboards…" Well it's just that easy. Of course, that's not true, and Rome's art director for hardgoods Mike Paddock will be the first to tell you that, and he'll tell you that directly this Friday, January 8th on the latest addition of Inside the Design House, live Twitter Interview.

Paddock's a lot of things. He's an artist. He's a snowboarder. He's a foodie, (pretty sure when he dreams he's Anthony Bourdain). Sharp dresser. Creative Director for the Transworld Team Shoot Out. Beer drinker. He's also a really hard worker, who's spent countless hours and late nights helping to make Rome's art what it is today.

So if you have questions, he has answers. What goes into designing a board graphic? How are artists chosen to do boards? Is there any food not enhanced by bacon? What should I study in school if I want to design boards?

As always we'll be hooking one random tweeter up with something special. This time it'll be a reverse camber Pusher-1985. Designed by Michael Paddock himself.

Here's how it all works:
1. Log on to Twitter at the designated time
2. Submit your question in the "What Are You Doing?" box
3. End your question with a #Romedesign
4. Paddock will fire back his answers to your questions

Come up with some good questions and fire them Paddock's way for a chance to score a new reverse camber Pusher 1985.

3-5 Eastern
2-4 Central
1-3 Mountain
12-2 Pacific

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