Rome SDS Launches New Site

New Rome Site


September 13th 2011

Looking forward to the colder temps and the first hiked turns in October or November, the Rome SDS has launched the 2011-12 website. It’s been a decade since launching the brand, and the10th anniversary site is loaded with new models, new technologies , new styles  and new ways to interacting with Rome to keep you browsing for hours.

Check out the Mod Rocker, Reverb family, Factory Rocker or the Whiteroom split series for some of the all-new boards.   And dive into the Artifact Rocker, Agent family, Postermania, Lo-Fi family and more to get dialed on the new cambers and new technologies that have loaded the existing models you know with higher levels of fun.

In bindings, the all-new Mob brings V-Rod technology and adjustable highback canting to an all-new Unibody model, while the Targa has been totally overhauled and the 390 Boss brings park-to-powder performance through unique Rome tech like the Yes, I Cant adjustable canting system.

To go with the “feels so good” fit of the boots, lightness is a big story for 2011-12.  The new AntiGravity outsole takes off ounces in the Libertine and Folsom.  In the new outerwear and glove collections, new styling and new waterproof tech keeps you dry while optimizing the style of your boned out method.

While you wait for snow, drop into to see what the Rome SDS has in store for its 10th anniversary collection.

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