Since the days when Carter Turk first dropped Hemispheres, Mt. Baker has represented pretty much everything that is right and good about snowboarding. Locals who kill it, deep pow lines, history, epic bare-chested road gaps, the best contest in the world, and most importantly, low-profile, no-claim love of shred.

Out of this zone, a young rider named Lucas Debari emerged a couple years ago and claimed Transworld's Rookie of the Year Award.

Lucas literally grew up riding Baker—his family owns Milano's, the infamous restaurant in Glacier. When he wasn't scrubbing cheese off dishes in the kitchen, he was up the road shredding pillow lines, spinning off natural hits and getting buried in the white room.

When you watch his video parts in Transworld's "These Days" and People's "Nice Try" from the last two years, you can see the influence of Baker in his riding. He sees the mountain in that creative, unique way that only riders who have grown up with natural contours and deep snow can. He has that intangible mountain sense, that ability to see something others don't see and have a ton of fun dropping into it. And he brings to it a raw, powerful style.

For those of us mere humans who can't see all the trannies and all the possibilities, it's damn fun to sit back and watch. The way he shreds makes us want to shred.

So, yeah, it's safe to say that we're pretty damn stoked to have Lucas as part of the Rome SDS team.

According to Rome's Ryan Runke, "About 15 months ago I sat down with Bjorn and watched Lucas's part in "These Days" and since then I have wanted to find a way to get him on Rome. It was just a matter of timing. His obvious ability to ride the entire mountain with power and style, mixed with a humble and down-to-earth approach to life feels like the perfect fit."

Bjorn has this to say, "The first word that comes to mind about Lucas is "powerful". He's a straight up all-mountain charger who attacks whatever he is riding. He rides on the edge but makes it look smooth with crazy amounts of style."

As for Lucas's take on joining the Rome SDS, he has the following to say: "I am stoked to be a part of a company that is true to the soul of snowboarding. They have been keeping it legit since Day One. It is going to be great to be part of a tight crew of riders and have a brand that is supportive of who I am and what I want to do with my riding."

For the winter that just started firing up, Lucas has a full filming schedule. He's already working on his part in the next Absinthe video. He'll also be filming for Rome's new project, and he'll be taking a late-season trip with Jeremy Jones for Deeper.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot to mention that he won the Banked Slalom in 2007. Pretty epic seeing how it's basically the most important contest in snowboarding.

And if you don't know who Carter Turk is, ask Lucas if you see him in line for first chair. We're pretty sure he knows.

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