February 11th 2011

Some pretty awesome art shows up here at the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate every now and then. Sometimes it's in digital format, drawn on a cardboard box, or drunkenly scribbled on a napkin. We'd love to showcase every letter that comes in with stuff like a snowboarder jumping over a pot leaf with a speech bubble that says 4:20, but it's just not possible.
With this in mind we're happy to announce the 2nd edition of You Are the Syndicate – T-Shirt Design Contest.
– Design a shirt that contains the word Rome, the Rome logo, or both (downloadable here)
– Keep it to two colors maximum
– Submit your entries by March 15th.
– Send your entries to in jpeg format along with your full mailing address in case you're a winner. (if you can't figure out jpeg stuff, feel free to send in scrap paper or whatever, just email in for a shipping address)
Once we choose the winner, we'll produce a limited edition shirt. We'll print 100 of the winning design and put custom-print serial numbers on each one. Then we'll hook the winning designer up with shirts 1 through 10, and the remaining 90 shirts will be given away at snowboard events, through online contests on Twitter and Facebook, and to shop guys who swing through Rome to say hello.
The winner will be announced by April 1.
Start designing.

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