Rome x 10 Barrel Brewing “All Ways Down” Launch Party

One of the newer companies that we have seen come in and support snowboarding is Oregon’s own 10 Barrel Brewing. Recently signing a team of riders, as well as brewing winter themed beers and supporting various events across the sport, 10 Barrel stepped it up a notch this week with their most recent collaboration with Rome Snowboards.  Releasing a beer titled, “All Ways Down,” last night at 10 Barrel’s Denver location, the SIA party train rolled right in and to be completely honest, it might still be going on. We left pretty late and it didn’t seem like anyone was close to stopping. With custom glassware, t-shirts and an infamous history of party antics, Rome and 10 Barrel’s newest beer is a match made in snowboarding.

Past base and topsheet graphics from Rome’s historic line were hung all around the brewery. p: Clavin

Rome’s Marketing and Team Manager Matt Stillman is very proud of the newest partnership, “We have a shared love of good times and defying the laws of gravity. Snowboarding and beer have gone hand-in-hand for years and the “All Ways Down” IPA is our collaboration to celebrate this love. ”

“All the brewers are avid riders, and when we reached out to Rome about the collab, they were the most excited about working together and featuring art work from iconic boards from over the years,” said 10 Barrel’s Grady Skelton.

Always refill. p: Clavin

Keeping in line with their latest campaign, this is not the last time you will be seeing “All Ways Down.” As the companies latest slogan rolled out for this years SIA, “All Ways Down” is a celebration of any and all forms of riding, beer in hand or not. The IPA is just the beginning.

All in all, the food was great, the beer was even better, and we couldn’t be more stoked on this collaboration. Huge thanks to Rome and 10 Barrel for the beer and good times! Can’t wait to see what is next!

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