Rome ImaBetta


College is a time for learning… new tricks with your friends.

For the second year, Rome SDS is looking for crews of college students who forgo high grades for High Lifes in the backyard while building jibs with their friends.  We back students who schedule their classes around their shred schedule, or who are ok with sharing a biology book with a roommate to afford new boots.  When asked what you learned this semester, front 5's are just as important as Psychology 101.

A lot of crews are already planning on building some backyard jibs.  The Ima Betta Jibba is just one more reason to get out and build some drop-ins, file down rail burs and "borrow" some irrigation pipes.

Last year TUSC in Philadelphia took the prize by building an awesome backyard set-up in a vacant lot next to the "snowboard house".  At any time, day or night you could walk by and see people dropping in, sliding some boxes, or tapping a giant fake shark while jumping over a bum-fire in a trash can. It was awesome.  For us at Rome who made the trip to celebrate their win and film a short video with them, it was one of the best times of the season.

Again this year, we'll be heading to the winning college with a couple riders from the Rome Team to put together a short video with the winning crew.   As an added bonus, we'll also be giving the winners a couple 2011 Rome Snowboards.  To enter the contest, all you need to do is send in a 2-3 minute video of your backyard jib set-up, and why you think your crew deserves to win.

Entries must be in no later than February 1st 2011 to

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