TIGNES, FR. (MAR. 12, 2010)'Salomon Snowboards’ Pro rider and British hero, Jenny Jones claimed her third straight snowboard slope style victory at the inaugural European Winter X Games in Tignes, France.

Her run consisted of a frontside 360 to backside 360, a frontside 540, switch frontside 540, and a clean frontside 720 over the final kicker.

“Jenny is a perfect example of how anyone from anywhere can snowboard.
She’s proven herself as a top female park rider in the world while coming from a country that has no mountains (that I know of). She’s won the X-Games three times now and has done it with a smile on her face through it all. She’s huge inspiration to a lot of girls in snowboarding and beyond.
Couldn’t be happier to to have her on Salomon,” said Team Manager Javier Fernandez.

Jones won the Gold at the Winter X Games in Aspen earlier this season against a stacked roster of the best female snowboarders.

She also made history a year prior with her first X Games Gold, establishing herself as the first British athlete to take home an X Games gold medal.

Salomon up and coming rider Sophie Rodrigues, of France, gained international attention with a Bronze Medal in half pipe.  Olympic Gold medalist Torah Bright claimed the silver and Kaitlin Farrington won her first X Games Gold.

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