Sexual Snowboarding Coming Soon

Sexual web cover

Words by Halldor / Eiki and Johannes

The movie is split up in three parts. With the long edits dropping Wednesday. When we stared making the movie the plan was to make a movie that was between 15 and 20 minutes so it would be perfect to watch while putting on your boots before going riding. When we were done making the film we almost had 30 minutes. Thats why we split the movie up in 2 side drops. We simply think this is the sickest way to watch the project. The first is a full part with Fredu Sirvio, Jonas Carlson, Jonte Lindhe, Felix Engström, Aleks Ostereng, Benny Wetscher and Kevin Griffin. We will drop this Tuesday december 6th. The other side drop is the Open Part Remix. We will differently do a new one for next years movie. It was super fun to watch what kids send us. This will drop after wednesday.

We don’t want to give away more info then that it is following Halldor, Eiki and Gulli around the world and that its edited more after trips then parts.

Here is a list of riders who is in the movie.
Maybe yourself, If you sent in fotty to us for the open part.
Halldor Helgason
Eiki Helgason
Gulli Gudmundsson
Gjermund Braaten
Ethan Morgan
Fredu Sirvio
Risto Ruokola
Leo Crawford
Jonte Lindhe
Felix Engström
Kareem El Rafie
Jonas Carlson
Nils Arvidsson
Aleks Ostereng
Benny Wetscher
Kevin Griffin.