Signal Week at Woodward Recap


Signal Snowboards’ week at Woodward Copper Mountain, Colorado was a huge success. Folks showed up for a weeklong snowboard camp that was enough to keep anyone entertained for months. Signal team riders Jake Olson Elm, Spencer Link, Matt Guess, and Nick Brewer fit right in as campers. To see more of the signal riders' activities, follow them on
A basic day at camp started around 7:45am for breakfast with an 8:15 bus departure time to the top of Copper Mountain for some snow shredding. The cat staff of Copper did an incredible job. There were different levels of big airs as well as several boxes and rails to choose from. They even had a huge airbag for those new airs you want to try out. Chad Otterstrom, Erich Drummer, and Josh Sherman were on staff making sure that everyone dialed in what they were set out to learn. From noon to 2:00 everyone could go out and shred all the other activities such as skate tours, rock climbing, go-carts, bumper boats and rockband. From 2:00 to 5:00 was the barn session. This is where everyone spent time on the tramps and Snowflex. It's amazing how easy it is to learn new tricks here at the barn. Olympic medalist, Phoebe Mills, was there to help you learn the tuck and spin. Campers start out on the trampoline and take it to the foam pit. Once tramp to foam was mastered they would bring it to the Snowflex and launch a huge air into the foam pit. And don't forget about the skate bowl in the barn !
If you want to learn some new tricks and perfect your snowboarding or skateboarding, it's time you hit Woodward at Copper. This camp is one of the best. Check it out online at There will be a follow up video soon on