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We have been manufacturing Green Bandit Productions Snowboards for 2 years now and have seen the brand grow organically.  With our 19 years of experience building Smokin’ Snowboards we understand that with growth comes new hurdles in regards to distribution and sales.  Our experience and relationship with our sales reps and distributors was well as our manufacturing facilities, coupled with the GBP Crew’s amazing magical powers of promotion is a match made in shred heaven.
We have been working closely with the GBP crew and have always had a sort of unspoken family tie to the brand so this arrangement fits perfectly.  GBP will still be handling their own soft goods program while Smokin’ Snowboards will be exclusively handling the snowboard side of the relationship.  We at Smokin’ want to continue to promote GBP Snowboards artistic style and message, Tyler Lynch hand paints all of the graphics for GBP and we think its a very unique and amazing artistic style that needs to be preserved, additionally the Smokin’ Snowboards manufacturing facilities are as ECO friendly as they can be which fits into the GBP brands ethos perfectly.
There has been allot of talk about this relationship being akin to the skateboard distribution family’s of the 90’s where companies like Tum Yeto had multiple skateboard brands under it’s umbrella like Toy Machine and Zero.
The connection to the GBP family is strong and both brands riders cross over into each others marketing and media.  With the new found freedom from the constraints of having to run the GBP snowboard brand you can guarantee that the video edits from the GBP crew will continue to flow out of their studio and probably be better than ever.
This arrangement marks a turning point for Smokin’ and the GBP crew’s relationship and future.  We are excited to expose the rest of the work to the GBP brand and watch it flourish.
Come see the new 2015 Smokin’ Snowboards and GBP Snowboards line at the ISPO show in Munich Gremany from the 24th through the 29th of January and at the S.I.A. Winter Sports Show in Denver Colorado from the 30th of January-February 2nd and ride all of the new offerings from the Smokin’ brands at the National Demo at Copper Mountain on the 5th and 6th of February.