pro model press release

Smokin Snowboards:  If you live in Tahoe, you’ve definitely heard of us before.  If you aren’t from Tahoe, maybe you have seen one of our ads, caught a glimpse of our boards at your local resort, met one of our riders, or heard some kid at the bar name drop us.  We aren’t huge, we don’t have any big corporate investors, we aren’t mass produced, and we certainly aren’t sold in box stores nationwide.  We are a small company built by motivated snowboarders with the desire to create the best possible snowboards for people to ride.

While we have been making top notch boards for over a decade, to really see a snowboard reach its limits, it has to be pushed.  What better way to push them than put them under the feet of the most talented shredders in the world who access the gnarliest terrain?  In the past, this has been impossible for a company of Smokin’s size.  We couldn’t compensate top pros for the risks they would have to take and the places they would go to really push our boards to their limit.  That’s why we have developed a new program designed to support the pro riders.  This program makes sure that these guys earn over 7 times the standard board royalty for every board sold ($10 is what most pros make). The royalty directly helps our pros with a significant amount of each board sold going back to the rider, who will typically spend $20,000-$30,000 travelling around the World paying the costs of being a pro. These top level riders then defy reality and bring you the awe inspiring footage you love year after year.

Next level riding and top quality materials shouldn’t mean breaking your bank account, and we are committed to bringing them to you.  Our Lane Knaack and Kyle Clancy pro models use the same top quality materials from the same factory that the rest of our boards come from, straight to you for $399.00.  They are custom, made to order boards that Lane himself will be hand making year round. Allow about two weeks for the factory to pump out your fresh new deck and have it delivered straight to your doorstep!  Need it last minute?  Select Smokin retailers have the option to carry them at our standard board price of $499.99 (remember these are the same high quality materials in boards like our Superpark in stores for $499.99).  We have chosen these retailers because they can offer you the expertise and service you need to get your kit shred ready, right then and there.

Does your favorite shop carry Smokin? If they don’t, when you order from us write your local shop’s info in the available space and we will send them a check for 25 bucks without them doing anything!  Just for supporting them we will give you 5 dollars off your board purchase.  It’s important to give back to the shops you care about, and we don’t want to take your business away from them. Support snowboarders who risk life and limb in the name of progression while getting a great board at a great price AND still give back to your local shop. Support the progression of snowboarding: buy Smokin Pro Models….. You Can’t Fool The Youth!