Tuesday, November 4, 2015

Smokin’ Snowboards is extremely pleased to announce the addition of Japanese shredder Shoma Takaoh to our team and family. Shoma, known amongst friends as “The Japanese Bradshaw” has been riding Smokin’ Snowboards for a few months now since meeting up with the crew at Mt. Hood this summer.

In recent news,m Shoma Takaoh was voted first pick for entry into the upcoming Burton Rail Days event held on November 15th in Tokyo, Japan. The Rail Days event is called the world’s largest street snowboarding even and is open to 17 invite-only riders from around the globe.

We are excited to grow with Shoma and look forward to him holding it down for Smokin’ in Japan as well as his visits to the US for upcoming film missions, team events, and to work on designing his pro model for 2016.

Catch Shoma in the various awesome STONP Crew edits and videos floating around the web.