This Saturday, September 14, 2013, Snowboard on the Block, the 2013 North American Snowboard Film Festival will take place in Downtown Denver, Colorado. The streets will be closed joining two large city blocks of space to hold a gathering of the snowboard masses.

Over 25 brand new snowboard films will be screened at Snowboard on the Block. The films will be shown inside two private venues as well as outside on a giant high definition LED video wall.  The festival will feature the following releases.

Videograss                            “The Last Ones”
Absinthe                                “Dopamine”
Think Thank                         “Think Thank is Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack”
Déjà Vu                                 “Déjà Vu ”
Never Summer                     “Slap Happy”
G.B.P                                      “Busit”
Burton                                    “Burton Video Series”
After Hours                            “After Hours II”
Will Film for Food                “Livin”
Tyme & Co                            “Smoke Signals”
Keep the Change                “Roll Call”
Random Bastards                “Daggers”
Airblaster                               “Gone Wild”
CandyGrind                          “What’s Good?”
Skeptic Films                        “Some People’s Kids”
Lick the Cat                           “Project LTC”
Sexual Snowboarding        “DTF – Down to Film”
Yobeat                                   “Yomerica!”
Under Dawgs                       “D.A.E.”
Aunti Films                           “Don’t Give a Bloody Sox”
Bald E-Gal                             “Ground Control”
Grindhouse Media               “Mind Games”
The Impaler                           “Working for the City II”
Too Hard                                “Still Hard”
Nitro                                        “Down to Earth”
Transworld Media                “Nation”
YES.                                       “YES. Missions”

Bands from all over the world will be performing at Snowboard on the Block across 3 massive festival stages (two outdoor and one indoor) rigged with top of the line light and audio systems. We are thrilled to have the following bands joining us.

Scorpion Child
The Shrine
Black Acid Devil
Thee Dang Dangs
Frontside Five
The Munsens
The Kinky Fingers
Allout Helter
Dead Temple
Low Gravity
DJ Dtale
DJ Matty Mo
Wildcat Strike
In the Company of Serpents

In addition, we are bringing in 20 tons of snow and a group of the best snowboarders in the world to compete in a rail jam in the Denver streets. The following riders will battle it out in an hour long, winner-takes-all rail jam:

Scotty Vine
Frank April
Dylan Alito
Tim Humphreys
Brandon Hobush
Dylan Thompson
Ozzy Henning
Austin Sweetin
Nial Romanek
Andrew Brewer
Lucas Magoon
Ted Borland

At its core, Snowboard on the Block is a celebration of all things snowboarding and an effort to unite our community. We are proud to announce our partnership with an organization that does a remarkable job bringing boarders together to support a common cause, Protect Our Winters. Founded in 2007 by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, POW is “the environmental center point of the global winter sports community,” and a leading force in the fight against climate change. The organization has fostered a global community and their work in Colorado has been outstanding.

“The largest community of POW members in the U.S. is in Colorado, so we’re thrilled to be part of this amazing event and spreading the word that we all have a part in protecting the Colorado winters we love so much,” says Chris Steinkamp, POW’s executive director.

Snowboard on the Block will also feature a huge gear sale put together by core snowboard shops like 7Twenty Boardshop, Emage, Hoyal Boards, Big Hit, Vail Skate Supply, Salty Peaks, Boarding Haus, Blindside and so many more.

To purchase tickets, or for more information regarding Snowboard on the Block, please visit

Denver, Colo. (June 28, 2013) — Fall is the most anxious time of the year for snowboarders. It’s a time when that restless yearning in your gut is driven into an insatiable madness. It’s a season littered with reminders that winter is coming – scattered premieres and big bargain sales – but without that moment that screams, “the snowboard season has arrived!” The time has come for a nationally recognized kickoff to the snowboard season. A gathering to appreciate the conquests of a winter passed and enjoy a timeless tradition – the annual snowboard video.