The SNOWMISSION is back and will celebrate its 5th anniversary at Parc Mont Comi on March 13th. Because of its organisation quality and the previous year's success, this professional contest is one of the most important in Quebec and eastern Canada. This year edition will received around 5 000 visitors and more then 100 snowboarders (men's & women's) to enter the competition. Always with one of the most impressive course, the SNOWMISSION crew came back again building an all new obstacle to satisfy the riders and bringing that street feeling to the mountain. There will be activities during the entire day, but our main feature will start at 4pm to reveal which snowboarders will take their skills to the finals. The competition will be in front of the main lodge and will be easily accessible for spectators.

This event, considered one of Canadian snowboard industry best kept secret will host professional snowboarders from Quebec, Ontario, New-Brunswick, western Canada and also from the USA. Renowned riders have already been confirmed to this year event: Anto Chamberland (2009 winner), Zach Aller (2009 best tick winner), Ben Bilocq, Jess Kimura, Desiree Melancon (2009 winner), Phil Jacques, Kevin Griffin, Max Baillargeon and Gillian Andrewshenko to name a few.

The event main program is totally free for all visitors and is meant to be THE Quebec snowboard celebration with activities for all kind of riders. The 2011 demo village and the appearance of an Airbag for riders to test any tricks they want are some examples of that statement.

Prizes and purses of this year edition are considerable. The men's winner will leave with a Polaris mountain snowmobile Oakley edition. A 14 000$ value! The others winners between the men's and women's categories will split 15 000$ in cash purses.

The SNOWMISSION wouldn't be without the traditional party! Very special guests and international act We Are Wolves will kick off the party in the main lodge bar followed by invited dj's to assure the musical ambiance.

For all details, our precious partners and sponsors and the whole weekend schedule, please visit our web site at and follow us on twitter for daily updates.