November 30, 2009 –Vancouver, Canada—Infamous is pleased to announce that they have signed Spencer O’Brien on with Nixon. Nixon is known for its quality product and cutting edge look, which perfectly suits O’Brien who is stylish both on and off the hill. O’Brien will be in the mix with Nixon’s eclectic crew of top athletes, musicians and celebrities.


“I’m really excited to be a part of the Nixon family because that’s really what it is. It’s an elite group of athletes that I’ve looked up to and aspired to be like since I started snowboarding; to be on the same team as them is a great feeling. ” -Spencer O’Brien

With the Dew Tour Slopestyle Champion and Female Athlete of the Year titles to her name O’Brien is poised to have an amazing 2009-2010 season. She eared her way to this point in her career starting back in 2005 when she took Rookie of the Event at the U.S. Open. She has steadily been gaining recognition ever since. O’Brien’s other top accomplishments include 2 consecutive medals at the Winter X Games, bronze at Winter X Games 12 and silver at Winter X Games 13. She was also named the 2008 Rookie of the Year in Transworld Snowboarding’s Rider’s Poll. O’Brien is not only known for her strength and style in competition, but has also made her mark in films and magazines. O’Brien is also 1 of 2 athletes involved with the marketing and development of Burton’s B By Burton line and one of only 2 Canadian female snowboarders to represent Red Bull.

About Infamous:
Infamous Management Inc. represents only the best athletes in the action sports industry. Our riders are professional, talented and highly marketable. IMI believes there is a balance between the rider and the company and that by working together they can profit equally from each other. At IMI we want to work with the companies as much as the riders to maximize marketing potential of both the athlete and the company.  Roberta Rodger ‘s vast knowledge and experience in the action sports industry helps IMI’s athletes reach their full potential in the market. “I believe that, with us, an athlete can grow, have a successful and lucrative career, and still maintain our ethical guidelines which are: loyalty, respect, trust, integrity and of course true love and dedication to improving their sport and their talents.  The Infamous crew is JP Walker, Seth Huot, Chris Haslam, Simon Chamberlain, Stevie Bell, Spencer O’Brien, Keala Kennelly, Leilani Gryde, Joe Sexton, Stian Solberg, Meghann O’Brien, Kyle Mack and Brooke Voigt. For updates and profiles on our athletes check out both our website: and Twitter: