Nick Green from Bespoke Supply will be looking after the MW zones (MN, IL, WI, MI, OH, IN, IA). Nick has a long standing history in the industry and has helped guide Skullcandy from the early years to the force it now is in the Central/MW states.

Tim Rogers from Red Board agency will be terrorizing the central states (MO, KS, NE, OK, TX, AR) having joined in the summer. we are looking forward to working with accounts in the central states for the first time with Tim being our first central states rep.

Jake Pollock will take control of North California, from working at Sierra @ Tahoe and now at Ledge Boardshop in Squaw valley Jake is making the naturally progression up to reppin’. Driven by his passion for the sport, lack of bitterness and faith in a crippling industry, we are stoked to have young buck Jake behind the brand – give him a couple of years and he'l probably wish he went into the fishing industry like the rest of us.

Johnny Hancheck, known through his Check The Feed bombardment of the web has come into the rep game fists swinging knowing that if you want to make money these days in the industry edits just cut the pay check. Johnny will be looking after the North East territories (ME, VT, NH) and we are excited to see not only StepChild grow but Johnny himself as he grows to add years of experience under his belt.

Rounding off the troops are long standing reps, Chris Yeaton (East Coast), Sean "Chicken" Neill (SoCal) and the mighty Ryan Twigs (UT, CO, NM). We look forward to working with our new partners and seeing StepChild grow within the USA, the world, and the universe. So not much pressure.