Tecnica Group USA and Foundry Distribution Announce National Sales Agreement

21 December 2009

Tecnica Group USA and Foundry Distribution Announce National Sales Agreement

Tecnica Group USA and Foundry Distribution (A Salt Lake City based Corp) announced today a new agreement for the sales and marketing of Nitro USA products.   Nitro USA division of Tecnica Group USA is the distributor for Nitro Snowboards, Boots and Outerwear, Raiden bindings and L1 clothing.

Effective January 1, 2010, Foundry Dist. will assume responsibility for the field sales and marketing activities of the brands.  Tecnica Group USA will continue to provide the administrative services for the brand.

The Foundry Distribution crew has been active in the snowboard business for more than 25 years.  This new, national sales effort will focus on the knowledge Foundry has of the Nitro product line and the best positioning of the brand within the snow sports dealers for snowboards and accessories.  Commenting on the new arrangement, Foundry partner, Tonino Copene said, "This is a huge opportunity for us to be more committed to the snowboard community and the retailers who support Nitro in the US market."

Announcements about changes in territorial representation will be made by Foundry Distribution by the January 1, 2010 start date.

Welcome to The Foundry.

In the fall of 2009 The Foundry distribution was formed from a pure passion for snowboarding and the need to create an independent connection to those that share the same dedication and unwavering commitment.

Beginning January 1st, 2010 The Foundry will be the new home for The Nitro Snowboard Co, Nitro Outerwear and L1 Outerwear.

It is our goal at The Foundry to distribute, market and service the highest quality snowboard products while supporting snowboarding and snowboarders on all levels.

Foundry Distribution

3007 S. West Temple Unit

Salt Lake City, UT 84115


1 877 506 1169

About Nitro Snowboard Co.
Since it's launch in the winter of 1990, Nitro has been committed to snowboarding for over 20 years.
From our Team to every piece of gear we make snowboarding is our 100% focus.
Our goal has always been to progress snowboarding with products that are innovative in technology,
design, and materials. No hype- just proven performance and a history of innovation that speaks for itself.
The first asymmetrical twin-tip, progressive sidecuts, and the first three-piece adjustable binding just to name a few.
With a Team consisting of Eero Ettala, Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Jon Kooley, Markus Keller and Cheryl Maas our
passion for snowboarding will remain true and in good hands for years to come.

About L1 Outerwear
We are purely focused on making gear that is inspired from the streets and taking it to the snow.
We are premium fits, premium fabrics and an unrelenting attention to detail.
We are signature collections by the most influential riders on snow.
We will always believe style wins over tech.
We are Jon Kooley, Jordan Mendenhall, Nima Jalali, Will Tuddenham, Ben Bilocq, Anton Gunnarsson,
Joe Mertes, Knut Eliassen.
We are L1.

For more information please contact Josh Roberts or Tonino Copene at Foundry Distribution, (877) 506-1169.