Lisa Filzmoser by Roger Baumer

Begunje, Slovenia – December 03, 2010 Artec Snowboards is pleased to announce the addition of Lisa Filzmoser to the growing ranks of our pro team. As one of the most influential female European riders on the shred scene, Lisa brings the perfect balance of talent, international flavor, and femininity to our developing program. The addition of Lisa reflects both the growth and recognition Artec is experiencing globally as well as the foreseen successes of Artec's bright future. Look out for Lisa in video releases LaFamiglia's "Never Get Older" and the new season of True Color Films.

"Lisa is perfect for where we are going with Artec right now. She also adds a big dose of GIRL POWER to our current squad of gypsies, jocks and weirdos. I love that the Artec team is made up of a diverse group of riders who are total individuals and yet, together, they make up one of the coolest teams in snowboarding." – Blaise Rosenthal, Artec Creative Director

"I am so stoked to be on the Artec team! I love the boards! They are amazing. Artec has the best snowboard technology combined with artsy graphics. I really like the brand philosophy, the people that stand behind it and the team is so sick. I am proud to be part of it." said Filzmoser

"Lisa is great. She's not just a talented rider but also and extraordinary person. After working with her for years on the Chicas program it is with great pleasure that we bring her into the mix and the current excitement happening around Artec. She further solidifies the Artec Team's reputation for being a small yet special group of riders that has a tangible impact on snowboarding today. Welcome to Artec Lisa!" – Dragan Gojkovic, Artec Marketing Manager

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