“Cool Story” is out now in shops, on our website or through VAS Entertainment. “Cool Story” is the story of Think Thanks best season yet, often times hilarious, some times poignant and always a little different. From Ben Bogart’s ghetto fabulous economic reality to Mark Thompson’s first double cork to Chris Beresford’s culinary culture shock and everything in between; “Cool Story” weaves a tale familiar to all snowboarders yet, until now, left largely untold. With full video parts from 15 of the worlds most progressive riders “Cool Story” packs a punch as both a hard hitting freestyle tour de force and an in depth look at the culture surrounding us. The DVD also features over an hour and a half of bonus footage.


Riders: Sean Genovese, Tim Eddy, Nick Visconti, Andre Spinelli, Ben Bogart, Austin Hironaka, Pat Milbery, Johnny Miller, Scott Stevens, Gus Engle, Jesse Burtner, Matt Edgers, Sam Hulbert, Blair Habenicht, Mark Thompson, Chris Larson, Jason Robinson, Chris Brewster, Brady Farr and Patrick McCathy

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